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Friday, January 30, 2009

whats happening of late

hi all well ive been running all over differant part of the uk . from the south west to the south east and now im setled in manchester. as for my griver training it all went wrong i failed the final exam but im looking now to start the training all again .

i have found or should i say she found me a lovely lady back in the summer last year and we have settled down very happy together
this time i will try my best to keep up with this blog

Sunday, March 11, 2007

my driver taining update

hi all i have now been a trainee driving instructor for almost 6 months now and it going very well
i am enjoying the job.
I am get even more enjoyment out of watching my pupils pass there driving test as of todate i have had 10 go for there test and 7 have passed and 3 have failed but for the passed 6 times i have been to test all have passed most first time as well.

as for myself i have my final exam on the 18th of next month and this is proving to be the hardest to pass but i`m deturmined to do it as i wont to carry on teaching
also just a few weeks ago i got my first pupil that has a hearing problem they are HOH and this is a chalange in it self even though in HOH too

i wont leave it so long between update from now on.

Friday, December 01, 2006



well i have been instructing now for a month with bsm and things are going great it is hard work but its also fun as well.

my first day still sticks in my mind as i made a mess of things at first but i managed to get though it

i still have 20 hours training to finish which starts next week iam doing it on day release so i can still work and earn as well

Sunday, October 22, 2006

yet more updtes on training

i only have 5 days left in my job as a coach driver .......... hip hip horay no more M4 and london traffic to site in .... i will miss some of this job as it has been by life for the past10 years but i must now move on

on monday30th i start my new carrier as a driving instructor with BSM here in cheltenham and i am looking forward to it very much

Sunday, October 01, 2006

more of an update on my driver training

well since passing the driving test last month i have been back into the classroom and having incar training on how to instruct. This has been very interesting and funny at times when out in the car as you are in pairs as well with a qualified instuctor playing the roll of a new driver and you must teach him to drive well as you can emagin we messed trhings at time ......
any way i have now finished 40 hours of training and can apply for my trainee liciance and strat putting what i have been tort into practice but i still have a ferver 20 hours of training to do before iam ready to do my test..

the good news is i have been sponsered by BSM and they are taking me on as a trainee instructor and i start with them on the 30/10 this has been a long hard struggle for me what with having a hear inpairment as well as made it even harder at times
i am so looking forward to not having to drive a coach anymore and all them unsocial hours as well and having a propper routeen again

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

my driver training


on the 18/8/06
i had my mock test witch went very well i only got 1 minner mark
my instuctor said i was a f****ing show off ...........

today 23/8/06

i had my part2 test in goucester and i passed with 6minner faults
this has been a long hard slog to get to here
i have now got to do 40 hours classroom training
then i can apply for my provisional training licance
and start make money out of my hard work

part3 starts on 19/9/06

so i will have to wait till then to get started

Sunday, July 23, 2006

a link to a web site and forum for the deaf

hi all why not try this site it has some info for the deaf and also a forum to for you to chat in its been running about a year but has not been used much

there are some other sites to in there link pages here are the sites

hope that you will find these usefull